Casey’s Pond Residents and Staff Received the COVID-19 Vaccine Today


STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, CO, DECEMBER 28, 2020 – The residents and staff at Casey’s Pond received the COVID-19 vaccine today in a collaboration between Routt County Public Health and Walgreens. All the residents, except two residents that were medically unable and 60% of the staff have now received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“This has been a particularly difficult year. Today marks a new beginning for our community. We are not out the woods yet, but we can see the clearing and the dawning of a brighter day,” said Brad Boatwright, Executive Director, Casey’s Pond.

82 residents and over 44 staff were vaccinated today, in addition to the staff that were immunized last Wednesday by Public Health. 60% of the staff are now vaccinated.  There is enough supply for 100% of the staff, but the remaining 40% could not confirm they would be in town for the second booster shot.  Casey’s Pond is working with the remaining staff to get vaccinated on a schedule that ensures that both shots are taken in the prescribed time period.

Please this link for photos and videos. 


Dan Stapay resident and Routt County Public Health Nurse, Tracy Dierksen.

Vic Vickery