The Haven Residents and Staff Received the COVID-19 Vaccine Today 

HAYDEN, CO, DECEMBER 29, 2020 – In an effort to ensure that all residents and staff of long-term senior living facilities are vaccinated, the Routt County Public Health Department set up a mobile clinic today at The Haven in Hayden, Colorado.  Yesterday, Routt County Public Health and Walgreens vaccinated residents and staff at Casey’s Pond.

Executive Director of The Haven, Adrienne Idsal gave an update of the COVID-19 immunization plan, “Thirteen residents and six staff were vaccinated today. 100% of residents and 85% of staff are now immunized with their first round of the COVID-19 vaccine.   I am so proud of our staff and residents choosing to receive the vaccine - as a Haven family we have endured a collective experience throughout the COVID pandemic, and we are all looking forward to putting it behind us. Here’s to the future!”

Rosa Lawton, 70 years of age, is one of The Haven’s most independent residents and the quarantine has been very difficult on her. She said she is most looking forward to getting outside the building and participating in group activities again. Rosa said, “I am grateful that the people, the government, and the drug companies worked together quickly to produce a vaccine so that we can all be more comfortable with one another.”



Photos from The Haven

Victor Whittier

Deborah Davis