Business Resources

As a business, here are some ways you can help protect our community’s health:

  1. Site Plans: Create a required and send it to .

  2. Event Plans: If you are planning an event, make sure to file out the event form and send it to

  3. Lead by Example: Spread the word of how you are promoting the Commitments to Containment by posting videos and photos of your efforts on social media.

  4. Stay Home: Make sure that employees know they should stay home if sick and if they have symptoms, get tested.

Thank you for your help.

  • You find frequently asked questions from the CDC here.

Read What To Do When An Employee Has Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Case

Need to file a form?

Find Site Mitigation Plans and Event Forms

Printable Resources

COVID-19 6 Commitments to Containment Printable Postcard

Customer Log for Contact Tracing

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Wash Hands Poster

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Get Tested Poster

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Social Distance Poster

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Stay At Home Poster

Don't Wait. Vaccinate Poster

Don’t Wait. Vaccinate Poster


Personall Gatherings Poster

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Wear A Mask Poster