Business FOrms and Requirements

Routt County  aims to protect residents, visitors, and businesses by reducing the risks of COVID-19 in our community. Help keep our community healthy and open.

Below are key components for retail businesses, restaurants and event organizers to follow. Always read the Public Health Orders for more details. 

Key Tactics for Retail Businesses to Follow

  • Ensure that employees and customers wear face masks
  • Create physical distancing between customer groups
  • Follow the Commitments to Containment
  • Develop and send site mitigation plan and/or event plan to .
  • Ask employees to self-screen for illness
  • Display the Commitments to Containment posters
Read What To Do When An Employee Has Suspected or Confirmed COVID-19 Case

PLEASE NOTE: As of February 1, 2021, all businesses must send their Site Mitigation Plans to .

Appendix A for Business

Download* Appendix A Template For Business (Word Document)

Appendix B for Events

Download* Appendix B Template For Events (Word Document)

*If you do not see the form open automatically, please check your downloads folder.